I’m am posing the following to all of the committee members. Please complete the following statement

“What the trans* community needs right now is… “

The list can be as long and short as you wish, as descriptive or terse as you wish, as personal or impersonal as you wish. Use what ever definition of ‘trans*’ as you like; use what ever definition of ‘needs’ as you like.

The sentence is intentionally vague. This is a ‘no-boundaries’ question. The objective is to ‘throw open the discussion’ for a moment, to allow us — as representatives of our community — to include for consideration anything that you feel might warrant exploration in a national survey.

For example, I have greatly benefited from weekly therapy with a social worker. I feel that ‘access to therapy’ is important to our community. Because therapy is not funded by OHIP, access to therapy may be limited — do others consider it a needed service. 

I think that healthcare professionals in my city need access to credible and up to date information about the needs of their trans patients. I feel there is a need for known source of such information — there are two needs here, finding someone to assemble such information and the need for a reliable, recognized place to go for such information.

What do you think? What ever it is, by putting it down here, it will stimulate discussion and further thinking. Such a list can be used by Sue to ensure that nothing which might be relevant to the Trans study has been overlooked.

Of course, not all of the needs of the trans community can be served by CAS. CAS must operate within its mandate and resources. However, the list will be informative of what other issues might exist and with this knowledge, further discussion in our own community may lead to addressing such issues. 


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